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Eat a Food Rainbow

What to Teach Your Child: Eat a Lot of Colors Every Day

Kids need to eat fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. Eating different colors gives your body a variety of vitamins and nutrients. Vitamins and nutrients help kids grow and can help keep them from getting sick.

What's the FIT Connection?

Teaching your child about nutrition and healthy eating is part of raising FIT kids.

Eating fruits and vegetables is part of a healthy diet. Kids can eat fruits as sweet snacks and treats instead of dessert foods high in sugar and fat. Veggie-eating kids are better equipped to avoid high-calorie snacks with less nutrition. The fiber and water content in fruits and vegetables also helps the whole family fill up with very few calories and little fat.

Making healthy eating choices supports kids in all aspects of their life. Healthy eating gives you and your kids energy to move, helps you all sleep well, and can keep the whole family from overeating or loading up on foods that leave you tired or moody. All of these things work together to help your family members reach and stay at healthy weights.

WebMD Medical Reference

Reviewed by Kathleen Zelman on April 24, 2012

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