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Make a Comfy Place for Quiet Time

Girl reading on a pile of pillowsQuiet time is good for you. It is good to have a quiet place just for you. What can you do in your quiet place? You can have quiet time. You can rest your body and mind. Helping your body and mind rest is a healthy thing to do.

You can make your quiet place safe and comfortable. You can have your quiet time in a comfy place. Ask an adult to help you find the perfect place in your house to make your special comfy place.

Find the Right Spot for Your Comfy Place

Here are some spots you might want to think about for your comfy place:

  • Your bed
  • A special corner near a window
  • Beside the couch
  • On a big stuffed chair

Did you choose the spot where you can have quiet time? Good for you! Now you can make it your comfy place.

Make Your Comfy Place

How can you make your quiet place comfy? Make your comfy place safe and comfortable, just for you. You may want to put 1 or 2 of these things near your comfy place.

  • Blanket
  • Pillows
  • Book
  • Toy

When to Use Your Comfy Place

You can go to your comfy place whenever you want. Your mom or dad may ask you to go to your comfy place each day.

Go to your comfy place when you need quiet time. Go to your comfy place when you want to rest. You do not have to go to sleep when you rest.

What can you do during quiet time? What can you do in your comfy place?

  • You can play quietly with a toy.
  • You can look at books.
  • You can sing softly.
  • You can pretend to be something quiet -- like a floating cloud or a little mouse.

All kids need quiet time. Quiet time helps your body rest. After you rest, you can play again! Quiet time helps your mind rest, too. Resting your mind can help you feel happy.

For Parents

This activity is appropriate for kids ages 2 to 5. Parents may find it particularly helpful for kids who have stopped taking naps and for kids learning how to spend time alone.

Kids sometimes need time alone to calm down. Help your child find a spot that he can retreat to that is quiet, private, and safe to make his comfy place. Encourage your child to go to his comfy place when he needs some quiet time or is overwhelmed.

Some parents may want to establish a routine quiet time that their child spends in his comfy place every day. Here are some tips for how to make that successful.

  • Schedule quiet time for the same time every day so your child gets used to the routine. A good time is after lunch. That way your child will start associating the end of lunch with the start of quiet time in his comfy place.
  • Let your child get ready to rest, just like at bedtime. Let her get a drink of water, use the bathroom, and anything else that could prompt her to leave her comfy place.
  • Start with just a few minutes if you need to and build to 10 minutes. You can continue to increase the time from there. You may choose to set a timer so your child can tell when quiet time is over.
  • You and your child may both find it helpful for you to share the first part of the quiet time together. Play quietly with a toy together in her comfy place or sing together. Spending these minutes together as your child gets settled can help keep her from "wanting you" while she is being quiet in her comfy place.
  • Tell your child how great she did when quiet time is over. Remind her that she'll get quiet time tomorrow.

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