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Farm Animal Dancing Game

Boy dancing with stuffed animalDo you know the Old MacDonald song? The Old MacDonald song is about farm animals.

Do you have toy animals in your room? You can sing the Old MacDonald song and play the Farm Animal Dancing Game with your toy animals.

How to Play the Farm Animal Dancing Game

Get ready.

1) Ask a grown-up for a bag or basket to be the barn for your toy animals.

2) Pick some toy animals to play with. Put the toy animals in the barn.

Sing the song.

3) Stand up and sing the song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." These are the words:

Old MacDonald had a farm,
And on his farm he had a cow,
With a moo-moo here, and a moo-moo there,
Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo-moo.
Old MacDonald had a farm,

4) Sing the song again. This time, when you sing, "And on his farm, he had a _____" -- stop.

5) Close your eyes and pick a toy animal out of the barn.

6) What kind of animal is it? Say the name of the animal you picked.

7) Sing the rest of the song about the animal you picked.

Dance like an animal.

8) Pretend you are the animal you picked. Make the sound the animal makes. Move like the animal moves. When you move while you sing, you are dancing.

9) Sing the song again about the animal you picked. Keep dancing and moving like the animal.

Keep playing.

10) Sing the song again. Pick another toy animal from the barn.

11) Pretend to be that animal. Sing the song again and dance around the room.

Keep playing until there are no more toy animals in the barn. 

Singing and dancing make moving fun. Singing and dancing help make your heart strong. Singing and dancing help make your brain strong, too.

It is easy to sing and dance. It is easy to play this singing and dancing game. It is easy and fun to move. You can play the Farm Animal Dancing Game every day!

For Parents

This game is appropriate for kids ages 3 to 7. Depending how big your child's toy animals are, a paper grocery bag, a pillowcase, a box, or a laundry basket can make a good barn. Don't let your child play with a plastic bag.

You can play this easy exercise game with your child, too, or a group of kids can play. Take turns picking an animal. Everyone can sing and pretend to be the animal. The key is to get everyone up and moving in this dancing game.

What to Teach Your Child: Moving Is Fun

Your child may not think about exercising yet, but she does think about playing. She can play sitting still, or she can play while she moves. The more you can encourage her to move as she plays, the more active she will be, and the more likely she will be to develop habits that will help her maintain a healthy weight throughout her life.

Of course you don't have to explain all the health benefits of exercise to your young child. You just have to teach your child that moving is fun! Teach him that moving is good for his health. Teach him that he will feel great when he moves every day.

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