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I Hate PE Class!

Find out how to make phys ed class a lot more fun.

Get a knot in your stomach before PE? Try a relaxation trick before class.

A few minutes before PE class starts, do this several times: Breathe in deeply to fill your lungs, and then slowly let the air out. Next, picture in your mind a person or place that makes you feel good. When you feel relaxed, you'll probably do better in phys ed.

Worried people will laugh at you? Then be the first to laugh.

Everybody makes mistakes -- even the kids in your class who seem to hit home runs every time. When you don't get the ball into the hoop, it's OK to laugh a little ("Wow, that was an airball!") and brush it off. If you don't make a big deal out of it, other kids probably won't make a big deal of it either. If you look like you are having fun, that's what the other kids will notice too -- not if you are perfect every time.

Feel alone? Find a buddy.

Having a friend who feels the same way you do can make PE class more fun. Just don't spend the whole class talking about how much you hate PE. That will only bring you down. Instead, cheer on your buddy and he'll do the same for you.

Wish you could throw like one of your classmates? Ask him for help.

People love compliments. If you wish you could throw a football the way one of the other kids does, tell him that you think he does it really well. Then ask, "Could you show me how?" You'll get some skills, and probably make a new friend -- which makes phys ed that much better, too.

Focus on the good stuff.

Pick something you like about your PE class. Do you like being outside, the teacher, or a chance to hang out with a friend? Then focus on that. It's better than thinking about the other things you don't like.

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Reviewed on January 11, 2012