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Bust Bad Moods!

Learn how to feel better after a bad day.

I'm in a Bad Mood! Now What?

Take charge of your emotions. When things aren't going your way, you may get so angry that you want to yell, pout, or eat junk food. But doing things like that can make you feel worse and hurt others. Those actions cause your body to produce more adrenaline (the stuff that makes you want to fight) than usual. And your body also makes more cortisol (the stuff that can cause obesity and other diseases). "Once these mad juices start flowing, it's harder to keep control," says Harmon.

The good news is that you can take charge of your emotions.

How to Turn a Bad Mood Around

Take a deep breath. Try this deep belly-breathing exercise when your feelings start getting the best of you. Place your hands on your stomach. Inhale deeply through your nose as you count to five in your head. Picture a balloon in your belly filling up with air. Keep that balloon filled for a count of three. Then slowly exhale through your mouth as you count to seven until the balloon is little again.

Move your body. Being physically active -- moving around and playing -- is a great way to get rid of anger and frustration. You could whack tennis balls off the garage door or a wall where you won't break anything, race across the yard, or crank up the tunes and sing and dance until you feel better.

Escape the situation. It's not always easy to snap out of a bad mood. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to get away from what's upsetting you before the feelings take over. Little brother driving you nuts? Go to another room. Frustrated at football practice? Give yourself a time-out. A friend hurt your feelings? Spend 30 minutes apart so you can talk to her about it later.

Get creative. Pour out your emotions into a journal. Draw a picture that shows how you're feeling. Make a list of things you're thankful for. Pound away on the piano, or act out your feelings in front of a mirror.

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