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Am I Really Hungry? A Food Fable

Tired Thomas continued...

FIT Point:  When you're tired, energy drinks and food loaded with caffeine won't give you energy that will last.

Give your body what it needs: Sometimes a short 20-minute nap can give you more energy. But sometimes it's too close to bedtime to sleep. Try getting up and moving to get more energy. Going outside for a short walk or to skateboard or to ride your bike can be a healthy way to energize.

If you are hungry and need food for energy, don't pick food or drinks with lots of sugar and caffeine like energy drinks. The energy they give won't last long and they aren't healthy. Try healthy snacks to give you energy -- like whole-grain crackers with a spoonful of peanut butter or a piece of cheese.


Sad Scott

Scott is so sad. Today at school, he found out his best friend was saying mean things about him. Then he found out he didn't make the baseball team. Scott wants to be comforted, but he feels too embarrassed to talk to his mom or dad about it. 

Instead of sharing his hurt feelings, Scott decides to make himself a big dish of ice cream while he thinks things through. Although the ice cream takes Scott's mind off of his bad day for a few minutes, he still feels sad after his bowl is empty. 

Now Scott feels even worse. He just ate a big, unhealthy snack full of calories and loaded with sugar. Scott wishes he could have a hug from someone who loves him.

  • How could Scott have better handled his sadness and anger?
  • What do you do when you are feeling sad or left out?

FIT Point:  Food doesn't fix sadness, anger or bad moods.

Give your mind what it needs:  Do something other than eating to work through your sadness. Try talking about your feelings with a friend or your parent. Put on your favorite music and sing. Or think about the things that went right today and write them down.