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What Stresses You? 5 Worries and How to Fix Them

I stink at baseball and want to quit. Do I have to keep playing?

Maybe. Here's the deal. No one really likes doing things they're not good at. But are you really that bad, or did you just have a bad game or two? Even the pros have bad games. But they don't give up. They keep playing because they love the game.

So figure out how much you like what you're doing. Maybe if you stop worrying about how good you are, you can relax and just enjoy practice and games. The exercise you're getting is good for your body, too.

But if playing totally stresses you out and messes with your mood too much (like you really hate going to practice and games), then maybe it's time to take a break and try a different sport.

Remember that it's not always about being perfect or being the best. It's about getting out there, moving, and having fun.

I just moved to a new school, and I hate it. Can you help me disappear?

It's so hard to be the new kid. You feel like everybody else has friends and you don't fit in. It can take time to adjust. But you can do it. And not by disappearing. The trick is going out and doing things instead of sitting home by yourself.

What did you like to do at your old school? Sports? Music? Play chess? Drama? Join a team or club at your new school, and you'll find kids who like the same things you do.

If you meet kids who seem interesting in class or at recess, be brave and ask them if they want to hang out. Give yourself a challenge and say "Hi" to one new person each day.

Ask your parents to take a walk, and you could meet a new friend around the neighborhood. Go to the park to ride your skateboard, or play on the playground. Exercise helps put you in a good mood, and maybe you'll run into other kids doing the same thing.

Also, let your parents and teachers know that you'd like help. They can help you find groups that you can join and kids who like what you like so you can make new friends.

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