5 Minutes to Turn a Bad Day Into a Good Day

  • 5 minutes to turn a bad day good

    Pet Your Pet

    The next time your friend does something to make you mad, don't let it ruin your day. Don't try to lose yourself in video games or snuggle up with a bag of chips to feel better. 

    Instead, make a healthy choice and cuddle up to your dog or cat. Pets can help you be less stressed and more relaxed. You have the power to do something that will make you feel better and that's good for you, too.

  • 5 minutes to turn a bad day good

    Start Counting

    You were just blamed for something you didn't do. You start to clench your fists and want to scream. You are just so mad! 

    A better idea? Try taking a deep breath and counting to 20. Do it slowly. You might be surprised how much it helps turn a bad moment into a good day.

  • 5 minutes to turn a bad day good

    Walk Away Instead

    Your brother ripped the pages out of your favorite book -- the one you had almost finished reading. You have a right to be angry. But don't let it ruin your day. Walk away instead.

    It's better to walk away than to stay and argue. Arguing usually makes bad feelings worse. Walking or anything where you get up and move your body can help you burn off bad feelings and stress.

  • 5 minutes to turn a bad day good

    Talk to Yourself

    You want to scream at your friend for not saving you a seat on the bus. Wait a second! Instead of yelling at your friend, talk to yourself. Stop and tell yourself, "It's going to be OK." Say it several times in your head. 

    You'll feel calmer after a few minutes. Calming down slows your heartbeat, makes it easier to breathe, and makes it easier to think.

  • 5 minutes to turn a bad day good

    Put on Some Music

    Are you angry at your best friend for getting mad at you? Grab your ear buds and put on some music.  

    Listening to music can lower your anger and help you relax. And when you are calm, chances are you'll sleep better, too! You won't lay awake at night stressing about things.

  • 5 minutes to turn a bad day good

    Get Moving

    Is your favorite shirt still in the wash so you can't wear it? Rather than yell at mom, get moving! Try doing 25 jumping jacks or hula hoop for five minutes.

    Moving your body takes your mind off what made you upset and helps you burn off your unhappy feelings. It's great for your mood and your body, too.

  • 5 minutes to turn a bad day good

    Write It, Then Toss It

    The next time you get really upset with your little sister, write down your feelings on a piece of paper. Then crumple it up and toss it in the trash. It will be like throwing away your angry feelings.

    Writing also gives you time to calm down, which makes you feel better and less stressed about what happened.

  • 5 minutes to turn a bad day good

    Give or Get a Hug

    When something frustrates you, find someone to hug. Try hugging your mom or dad, or one of your siblings or a friend. 

    A hug can make you feel better right away and can lower your stress level, too.

  • 5 minutes to turn a bad day good

    Change Your Mind

    Stop thinking about what went wrong. Instead, try thinking about something you enjoy such as going on vacation.   

    Letting something bother you can make it hard to think or just make you want to veg in front of the TV.

    Replacing mad or sad thoughts with happy ones can make you feel better and more relaxed.