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How to Grow a Better Brain

Smart Moves for Your Brain continued...

Having trouble staying focused on homework? See how many times you can jump rope in 5 minutes. Movement like this may even help you memorize things. Call out your math facts with each jump. Then go back to your homework. You may find that taking a break helps you get your homework done faster!

Find something fun. Not into sports? That's OK. Pick activities you like. Just find something that gets your heart pumping harder than usual for at least 30 minutes, several times a week. That's only the length of one TV show.

Maybe you can play tag, shovel the snow on the sidewalk, ride your bike, or take a gymnastics or dance class.

What about video games that make you get up and move? They’re not as good for you as other exercise, but they're better than nothing. Just pick active games like tennis or skiing where you're really moving around.

Get creative. So what if it's raining or snowing? Put on some music and dance around your room! Vacuum the whole house. Go up and down the stairs.

Exercise with others. For many kids, it's easier to exercise if you have company. Challenge your buddies to a ping-pong tournament or a street hockey game. Join your parents on a hike to the creek. Bike to school with your neighborhood friends.

So what are you waiting for? Get moving!

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