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How to Find an Exercise You'll Love

Find a way new activity or way to play that will make moving fun.

Step 2: Pick one of these fun ways to exercise. continued...

If you like being outside: Ask your parents if you can help with yard work: raking leaves, pulling weeds, or shoveling snow are great workouts. While you're out there, have some fun. Try making snow angels or build a snowman. Jump in the leaves after you rake them!

If you like animals: Take your dog for a walk every day. If you don't have a dog, check with your parents to see if it's OK to ask your neighbors if you can walk their dogs. Or volunteer at your local animal shelter where there are a lot of dogs that need both exercise and a friend. For even more exercise fun, take your dog to the park and play Frisbee. You'll both get a great workout. Not a dog person? Try getting outside and going on a nature walk.

If you like climbing trees: Find out where you can try a climbing wall. As you get better, you might find rock-climbing clubs. There you can learn more skills, stay safe, and make friends. Just make sure to wear protective gear and have an adult with you.

If you get nervous trying new things: Talk with your parents about taking a class in something you've wanted to do -- like ice skating, snowboarding, or skateboarding. And take a friend with you. Ask the teacher if you can try three classes before you sign up to make sure you like doing it.

If you like playing video games: Get active with videos games that get you moving, like PlayStation 3 Move, Wii, or Xbox 360 Kinect. Don't have an active video game? Try standing up while you play your regular game. Move around. Jump when your character jumps. Duck when he ducks. Or just walk in place as you play.

If you don't like competing against other people: Do something where you just compete with yourself. If you're jumping rope, see if you can go two minutes without stopping. Tomorrow, try three minutes. Or, try games where you don't have to keep score for exercise fun -- like bowling, tennis, or golf.

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