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How to Find an Exercise You'll Love

Find a way new activity or way to play that will make moving fun.

Step 2: Pick one of these fun ways to exercise. continued...

If you like climbing trees: Find out where you can try a climbing wall. As you get better, you might find rock-climbing clubs. There you can learn more skills, stay safe, and make friends. Just make sure to wear protective gear and have an adult with you.

If you get nervous trying new things: Talk with your parents about taking a class in something you've wanted to do -- like ice skating, snowboarding, or skateboarding. And take a friend with you. Ask the teacher if you can try three classes before you sign up to make sure you like doing it.

If you like playing video games: Get active with videos games that get you moving, like PlayStation 3 Move, Wii, or Xbox 360 Kinect. Don't have an active video game? Try standing up while you play your regular game. Move around. Jump when your character jumps. Duck when he ducks. Or just walk in place as you play.

If you don't like competing against other people: Do something where you just compete with yourself. If you're jumping rope, see if you can go two minutes without stopping. Tomorrow, try three minutes. Or, try games where you don't have to keep score for exercise fun -- like bowling, tennis, or golf.


Step 3: Make yourself a promise.

So you're up for trying a new activity -- maybe jumping rope, Frisbee, or dancing. One more thing before you start -- make yourself a promise. Try a new way of exercising more than once before giving up. The experts say that you should try something at least three times before you decide if you like it or not.

Why three times? The first time you try something, you may not have a blast or be very good at it -- yet. That's because new skills take practice; sometimes, a lot of practice. But that's part of the fun of being adventurous and trying something new.

If the first new activity you try isn't your new favorite, keep trying. Take another look at some of the ideas on that list. Ask friends or your parents for ideas. Or get creative and invent your own sport. The right activity for you is out there waiting for you to discover.


Ready to find an exercise you'll love? Here are some games to try. Try This: Fun Backyard Games and Try This: Fun Recess Games

Reviewed on January 14, 2012