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FIT Connection for Kids: Recharge

How do rest and relaxation tie in with being fit?

How to Make Time to RECHARGE

OK, so now you know it's important to give your body and brain time to RECHARGE. What can you do to make sure you get enough rest?

Think about what you do after school. Think about what you do after dinner. Think about what you do before bed. Maybe you need to give up some TV time or get your homework done before dark. Then you can play outside or go to bed earlier.

When you make a healthy change, start with a small thing -- like watching just one less TV show. Then, after you get used to that, you might want to try something else. You can ask your parents for help, too.

Use the RECHARGE section of FIT Kids to find out more about sleep and rest. Power up for a healthy life!

Reviewed on March 13, 2012