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How Do I Feel Better About My Body?

Build your strength.

Your body can do some pretty amazing things when you get up and go. And scientists have found that exercise helps you feel better about yourself. When you work up a sweat, it releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which boost your mood.

Whether you join a soccer team, roll out your yoga mat, or take your dog for long walks, exercise can help switch your focus from what you look like to what your body can do.

Check your media diet.

Next time you’re on Instagram or Snapchat, notice how the pics you see make you feel. Like you’re not pretty or muscular or skinny enough? “We can get really sad and stuck when we compare ourselves unfairly,” Taitz says.

Update your feeds so you see photos of people who truly inspire you with something besides their looks. When you do come across a “perfect” image, “gear up to be on high alert for comparisons,” Taitz says, “and choose not to get sucked in.”

Get your body into its best shape.

When you do right by your body -- choosing healthy food, plenty of Zzz’s, and regular exercise -- you might be amazed by just how good you feel about yourself.

So think of some ways you know you could be healthier. Do you eat too much sugar or don’t get enough sleep? Set some goals to change your habits, like drinking one less soda a day or going to bed 30 minutes earlier for a week. Habits like these not only help you manage your weight, but they give you more energy to do the things you love.

Be your own best friend.

When you’re trying to be more positive about your looks, support along the way will help. Maybe it comes from your parents or your family doctor. Maybe it’s a friend who reminds you how great you are inside and out. But don’t rely only on others to shore up your self-esteem. You can help yourself out, too.

“We need to get in the habit of taking care of ourselves no matter what,” Taitz says. “People come and go, but we’re always with ourselves.”

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Reviewed on April 12, 2016

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