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Why Do I Feel Fat?

The Right Approach to Your Weight

Most of the time, it’s not your waist size that needs an adjustment -- it’s the way you think about your weight. Try these tips to change your mind:

Talk to your doctor. If you’re worried about your size, she’s the best person to give you a better idea of whether or not you really do need to lose pounds. If you do, she can help you build a healthy weight loss plan.

Speak up. If you want to focus on being healthier, let the people close to you know.

“Parents and friends can’t necessarily read your mind,” King says. Ask for their help in thinking of ways that will be good for everyone. You could help your parents grocery shop and cook meals, or suggest a family game of soccer on the weekend. Or instead of going out to eat with your friends, suggest a dance party, a game of volleyball, or going bowling.

Dig deep. Ask yourself why your weight is so important to you, Reddy says. What are you really worried about? What is it about your weight that makes you unhappy? Do you have friends who accept you as you are?

If not, it makes even more sense to try to find something you enjoy to share with others. Do any clubs, hobbies, or social groups strike your interest? “When you think of it, activity is a great way to meet people,” Reddy says.

Realize air-brushed models and skinny TV stars aren’t the norm. Instead, appreciate the body you have and work on keeping it healthy and feeling great.   

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Reviewed on April 14, 2016

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