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Nutrition Facts

About this Nutrition Facts Label
Serving Size ({qt} {ma})
Calories {ca_r} Calories from Fat {cff}
Your Value %
Total Fat {ft_r}g {ft_p}
Saturated Fat {sf_r}g {sf_p}
Trans Fat {tf_r}g  
Cholesterol {ch_r}mg {ch_p}
Sodium {so_r}mg {so_p}
Total Carbohydrate {cb_r}g {cb_p}
Dietary Fiber {fb_r}g {fb_p}
Sugars {su_r}g  
Protein {pr_r}g {pr_p}
Omega 3 Fatty Acids {om3_r}g  
Vitamin A {va_p} Vitamin C {vc_p}
Calcium {cc_p} Iron {fe_p}
Vitamin D {vd_p}

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