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Bad Mood Fixes: The Best Ways to Feel Better

Healthier ways to help teens get out of a bad mood.

Use Your Words

Words, like the harsh ones you might have traded with your parents or sibling, can cause a bad mood. They can also be the remedy for one. It can help to talk out your feelings with a trusted friend or adult, like a teacher or school counselor, Lindgren says.

“If you do not have someone you trust, then try writing your feelings or expressing them through art, poems, or drawings,” she says. “If you are not in a safe place to write down your feelings, write them down anyway -- and then destroy them before someone can read them.” When you explore your feelings in a creative way, you can feel more self-aware and figure out exactly what makes you sad or angry, Lindgren says.

Turn Off Your Phone

No matter how you feel, you probably have your phone close at hand. Even if you’re in a bad mood, you may still flip through Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Remember that all the fun and awesome things on social media don’t always reflect reality, though. People usually only post their prettiest photos and most positive status updates.

Still, how can you avoid online envy? “Take a break from social media,” Lindgren says.

Use the time away from your phone and computer to meet new people or to find a place to volunteer. “By building empathy towards others, you will be kinder to yourself,” Lindgren says.

No matter how happy other people seem online and in real life, know that you’re not alone in feeling sad or angry. Everyone gets in bad moods. “It’s the cycle of feelings we all go through. Feelings will pass if you let them,” Jacobs says.

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Reviewed on January 21, 2016

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