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Stop-and-Go Snacks Food Game

girl on tip toes on a step stoolHave you seen traffic lights for cars? Traffic lights keep cars safe. A green light means it is OK to go. A yellow light means slow down, and be careful. A red light means stop.

What if there were traffic light colors for food? The colors could tell you what foods are healthy to eat. Healthy means that the food is good for you. Healthy foods help your body grow. When you eat healthy foods, you also have energy to play.

Let's pretend:

  • Green means a food is OK to eat any time.
  • Yellow means you can eat a food sometimes. Yellow also means to be careful how much you eat of that food.
  • Red means you can eat a food every once in a while. Red means do not eat the food every day. Eat red foods only at special times.

Could you use traffic light colors to make it easier to know what foods are healthy snacks?

Now it is your turn to use traffic light colors to help you pick healthy snacks!

Play this food game with your mom or dad.

How to Play the Stop-and-Go Snacks Game

Get ready.

1) Get a parent to help you cut green, yellow, and red paper into small squares.

2) Pick up your squares and tape.

3) Walk to the cabinet or pantry where your parents keep snack foods.

Mark your snacks with traffic light colors.

4) Ask your parent to show you which snacks are OK to eat any time. Tape a green square on those foods.

5) Ask which foods are OK to eat sometimes. Tape a yellow square on those foods.

6) Ask which foods you should eat only for special times. Tape a red square on those foods.

Your food traffic light colors can help you pick healthy snacks. Now when you are hungry, you can see which foods are healthy snacks to eat. Look and find your red, yellow, and green squares.

When you see a red square -- stop and think, "Whoa!" Look for a healthier snack -- for a food with a green or yellow.

When you see a yellow square -- be careful. Yellow is a "go-slow food." You need to be careful to not eat too much of this food.

See a green square? It is healthy to eat that food any time. Go enjoy your healthy snack!

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