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I Spy Healthy Foods

girl with bunch of carrotsDo you shop for food with your mom or dad? You can play a food game at the grocery store. The food game is called "I Spy Healthy Food."

What is healthy food? Healthy food is good for your body. You need to eat healthy foods to grow. Play this food game to learn which foods are healthy. You can play the I Spy food game at the grocery store. You can play the I Spy game in your kitchen, too.

How to Play the "I Spy Healthy Food" Game

You need 2 people to play this guessing game.

Pick a healthy food.

1) Look at the foods near you. Look for foods that are good for you. Pick 1 healthy food you see.
2) Keep what food you picked a secret. Do not tell what food you see.

Give the other person a clue.

3) Say "I spy ..." to the person playing with you.
4) Say 1 thing about the healthy food that you picked. The 1 thing you tell is a "clue." Here are clues you can tell about the food:

  • The color of the food
  • What kind of food it is: The food is a vegetable. The food is a fruit. The food is meat. The food is dairy.
  • The shape of the food

The other person guesses the healthy food.

5) Now it is the other person's turn. The other person asks you 1 question about the food you picked.
6) You answer "yes" or "no."
7) The other person gets to ask another question.
8) You answer "yes" or "no."

The game is over when the other person guesses the food you picked.

Do you want to play again? The other person gets to pick a food and say "I Spy." You ask questions. You guess what healthy food they picked.

Let's pretend you and your mom are playing I Spy Healthy Foods. You are at the store. You see fruits. You see a banana. You pick "banana" for your healthy food.

You say, "I spy a fruit."

Your mom asks, "Is it red?"

Is a banana red? No. You say, "No."

You mom asks, "Is it orange?"

Is a banana orange? No. You say, "No."

Your mom asks, "Is it yellow?"

Is a banana yellow? Yes. You say, "Yes."

Your mom asks, "Is the fruit a lemon?"

Is a banana a lemon? No. You say, "No."

You mom asks, "Is the fruit a banana?"

Yes! You say, "Yes, I spy a banana!"

Play this guessing game in the store to make shopping fun.

Play this game with your mom or dad. A grown-up can help you learn about foods that are healthy. Ask if the food you picked to play I Spy is healthy.

Remember Mom or Dad is at the store to do a job. They need to buy healthy foods. You may need to wait sometimes while you play the food game.

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