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Kids' Recipe: Veggies and Hummus

girl with oven mitt presenting veggies and hummusThe next time your family wants a healthy snack, don't hand out the chips and dip. Offer up some healthy, creamy hummus instead. Primarily made of chickpeas, it's much healthier than dips filled with mayo or cream. Plus, it tastes great! Check out Chef Lizzie's suggestion for serving this healthy Veggies and Hummus snack.

Store-bought hummus makes this a quick snack to serve up. But remember that even though hummus is a healthy dip alternative, a healthy portion size for 1 person is 2 tablespoons. Everyone can eat as many veggies as they like. Let the kids experiment with all sorts of vegetables.


Fresh veggies (Chef Lizzie likes to use yellow squash, cucumber, red pepper, baby carrots, and snap peas.)

Store-bought hummus


Rinse vegetables and cut them into bite-size pieces. Some veggies -- like snap peas and baby carrots -- don't need to be cut.


Serve up 2 tablespoons of hummus on each person's plate. Dip veggie pieces into hummus and enjoy!

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Reviewed by Christine Mikstas, RD, LD on November 29, 2018