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Vegetable Faces

plate of vegetables arranged like a face

Vegetables help you grow strong. Eat carrots! Eat green beans! Eat cucumbers! Eat vegetables every day. Eat all the vegetables you want!

Vegetables are sometimes called veggies. Do you like veggies? Some kids like veggies a lot. Some kids like only 1 or 2 veggies.

You can start to like more veggies. All you have to do is keep eating veggies! You may like a new veggie. You may like a veggie you did not like before. You may try eating a veggie many times before you like it. That is OK!

You can play a game with veggies. This game can help you eat veggies. Use veggies to make a picture! You can make a picture of a face with veggies. Then eat the veggies.

Ask your mom or dad to help you make a veggie face.

How to Make a Veggie Face

Get ready.

1) Wash your hands.
2) Ask a grown-up to help get the veggies ready.
3) Get a plate.

Make a picture. Let's pretend your plate is a head. It needs eyes, a nose, a mouth, and hair. You can put veggies on your plate to make a face.

4) Start with the eyes. How many eyes do faces have? Pick veggies to make eyes for a face. Put the veggies on your plate to give your veggie face 2 eyes.
5) Now, what about a nose? What veggie could you put on your plate to make a nose for your veggie face? Put the veggie on your plate to give your veggie face a nose.
6) A face needs a mouth. What shape is a mouth? Pick veggies to make a mouth for the face. Is your veggie face happy? Is your veggie face sad? Put the veggies on your plate to show how your veggie face is feeling.
7) Give the veggie face hair. Hair can be curly. Hair can be straight. Hair can be long. Hair can be short. Pick veggies to make hair for the veggie face. Put the veggies on your plate to give your veggie face some hair.

Hooray! You made a face picture with veggies.

Remember: Veggies are healthy. Eating veggies is good for your body. There are lots of veggies you can eat.

Time to enjoy your vegetables. Eat your veggie face!

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