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Connect the Dots Game

Here is a new way to play connect the dots. You can move to connect the dots! You choose how you want to move. You can run. You can crawl. You can hop. You can skip.

It is easy to play. You can make your own dots. You make circles on paper and put numbers on the circles. The circles are your dots. When you have made your dots, you can put them around the house. Put your dots in places you want to move to. Then move to connect the dots!

Moving to connect the dots is good for your heart and bones. Playing connect the dots helps you learn numbers.

Ask a grown-up to help you play this fun game.

What You Need to Play Connect the Dots

  • 5 sheets of paper
  • Safety scissors
  • A crayon or marker
  • Tape
  • A place where it is OK to run

How to Play Connect the Dots

Make your dots.

1) Ask a grown-up to help you cut 2 circles out of each sheet of paper. The circles are your dots.

2) Write the numbers 1 to 10 on the dots.

3) Tape the dots in places in your house. Tape a dot to a chair. Tape a dot to a wall. Ask a grown-up to help you put dots around the house.

Move to connect the dots.

4) Start at the 1 dot.

5) Run to the 2 dot. Touch the dot.

6) Run to the 3 dot. Touch the dot.

7) Run to all of the dots like you are counting.

Hooray! You played connect the dots by moving.

You can play connect the dots again. Move a different way to get to the dots.

  • Skip to connect the dots.
  • Hop to connect the dots.
  • Walk backward to connect the dots.
  • Race your brother or sister to connect the dots. Who is faster?
  • Add an extra activity at each dot for even more fun.

Running, hopping, and skipping are moving. Moving is good for your body. Moving makes bones and muscles strong.

Moving is also good for your brain. When you connect the dots, you are learning to count, too.

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