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Guess My Song: Dancing Game

girl dancingDo you like to sing and dance? Dancing is one way to move. Moving helps your muscles get strong. Moving and playing can make you happy too.

You can sing and dance to play a game. You need 1 person to play this game with you. You can have more people play the game, too. More people playing can be more fun. Ask your family or friends to play this fun singing and dancing game with you.

How to Play the "Guess My Song" Dancing Game

1) Stand in front of the people you are playing with.

2) Think of a song. Do not tell anyone what it is, but you can tell them what category it is in, like a cartoon, nursery rhyme or movie.

3) Sing the song in your mind. Do not sing the song out loud.

4) Pretend you are doing what the words of the song say. Pretending the song is how you dance!

5) The people playing the game with you guess the song you are singing in your mind. Keep dancing and pretending until someone guesses the name of the song or everyone gives up.

6) When someone guesses the song, sing the song out loud. Everyone sings the song out loud together! Everyone dances and pretends the song!

The person who guessed your song gets to pick the next song. The next person pretends the words of a new song and dances. Now you guess the song.

Let's make believe you picked the song "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." What do the words of the song say? How can you pretend you are rowing a boat? You can move your arms like you are rowing a boat. You can walk while you are moving your arms, like your boat is moving. Pretending you are rowing a boat is how you are dancing!

Keep moving your arms and pretending you are rowing a boat until someone says, "'Row, Row, Row Your Boat'!"

Then everyone sings "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"! Everyone stands up and moves their arms and pretends to row a boat!

It is fun to sing and dance. Singing and dancing make moving fun.

Singing and dancing help make your heart strong. Singing and dancing help make your brain strong, too. Kids need to move every day to be strong.

It is easy to sing and dance. It is easy to play this singing and dancing game. It is easy and fun to move.

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