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Make a "Move! Jar"

girl putting money in a college fund jarYou need to move your body to be healthy. How can you move? You can run! You can hop! You can skip! You can dance! Moving helps make bones strong. Moving also helps your heart stay strong.

You need to move your body every day. Do you ever forget to move? You may sit a lot. You sit to read. You sit to color. You sit to watch TV or play video games. Sometimes you might need to remember to move your body.

Ask an adult to help you make a "Move! Jar." A Move! Jar is a jar that is filled with ideas for ways to move. When you see your Move! Jar, you will remember to move. And that will help you stay healthy and strong.

How to Make Your Move! Jar

1) Ask a grown-up for a jar that you can use. 

2) Get 10 small pieces of paper that you can write on.

3) Tell the grown-up about fun ways to move. Here are some ways to move that you might like.

  • Playing with a ball
  • Skipping with or without a rope
  • Jumping or hopping
  • Touching your toes
  • Running in place
  • Doing jumping jacks

4) Ask the grown-up to help you write down ways you like to move. Write 1 way to move on every piece of paper.

5) Fold each piece of paper. Put the folded papers in the jar. Close the jar.

6) Put the jar where you can see it.

When it is time to play, open the jar. Reach in and choose 1 piece of paper. Read what the paper says and do it. Have fun!

For Parents

This activity is appropriate for children ages 4 to 7. Help your child get excited about moving more and being more active by letting him decorate the Move! Jar and filling it with activities.

How your child can decorate the Move! Jar:

  • Cover the Move! Jar with stickers.
  • Color a picture around the word Move! and tape it to the outside of the jar. Does your child want an idea for the picture? Suggest your child draw a picture of herself doing something active or a picture of active toys like balls or bikes.
  • Take pictures of your child doing fun, active things -- like a somersault or silly dance -- and tape the photos to the jar.
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