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Go on an Adventure: Obstacle Course

girl crawling under tableWould you like to go on an adventure? Adventures are a fun way to get moving.

What can you do on an adventure? You can climb a mountain. You can crawl through a cave. You can run through a forest of trees. What else can you do on an adventure?

Let's pretend to go on an adventure! Use your imagination to help you go on an adventure at home. You can pretend a pile of pillows is a mountain. Climb over the pile of pillows and pretend you are climbing a mountain. You can pretend under a table is a cave. Crawl under the table and pretend you are crawling into a cave. You can pretend chairs are trees in a forest. Run between the chairs and pretend you are running through trees in a forest.

What an adventure!

Going on an adventure is a fun way to get your body moving. Ask a grown-up to help you get ready for your adventure.

How to Go on an Adventure

First, make up an adventure story. Maybe your story is about saving your favorite toy from an evil wizard or finding pirate treasure. A grown-up can help you think of things to do to make your story more fun.

What parts of the adventure story can you pretend? This might be hard, so ask a grown-up to help you figure it out. Here are some things you can pretend for your adventure story:

  • Climb over a mountain you make with a pile of pillows. Maybe you can pretend you are climbing over a sleeping dragon in your adventure story.
  • Make a tunnel or cave to crawl through using a table (with a blanket over it). You can also use a large, empty box open at both ends.
  • Do you have a forest in your adventure story? You can pretend chairs are trees. Set up chairs in a row. Now run back and forth between the chairs. Maybe you can pretend the chairs are an army of guards you have to sneak around in your adventure story.
  • Put some hula hoops on the floor. Pretend the hoops are stones to help you cross a river. You can jump from one hula hoop to another. Maybe you can pretend you are jumping on floating clouds.
  • Need a spaceship for your adventure story? You can use a big, empty box. Climb in the box and pretend you are flying! Maybe you can pretend you are driving a car or a fire engine.
  • Is there a secret passage in your adventure story? Pull furniture away from the wall so you have space to move. Now you can crawl on the floor to get through your secret passage.
  • You might need a bridge in your adventure story. Put a line of masking tape on the floor. You can also stretch out a jump rope in a straight line (and tape the ends down). Walk across your bridge heel-to-toe, like you are on a tightrope. Be careful!
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