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Parents' Guide: Marty Rests and Relaxes

parent and child resting and readingYou can help your child learn about getting the rest she needs to grow and have energy to move and play by talking with him or her about the story "Marty Rests and Relaxes," an animated slideshow about an active little boy.

Watch the story together. Then talk with your child about the main messages in the story, highlighted below. We've given you a few questions to steer the conversation, as well as suggestions to help your child get enough rest. Making time for resting and relaxing to recharge your body and mind is part of living a FIT lifestyle.

Message: Being active is good, but it is important to stop and rest, too.

Sometimes, when you've been running and playing a lot you get tired. When you're tired, it's important to stop and rest. Resting is as important for your body as eating healthy food and getting exercise.

  • How did Marty feel after he ran and played outside a lot?
  • Do you ever get tired during the day?
  • How does your body feel when you are tired?

Parenting Tip: Signs of being tired aren't always obvious in kids. While adults may have lower energy when they are tired, children can become "hyper" or whiny, throw tantrums, or even have difficulty falling asleep. Help your child recognize what happens to his body when he is tired. Remind him of times when he was exhausted from playing hard or staying up past his bedtime -- how he felt at the time and the next day, too. Did he get cranky? Did he feel bad? Helping him learn to recognize when he's tired can help him learn when he needs to rest and recharge.

Message: Relaxing and resting feels good, and it is good for your body.

Resting and sleeping give you energy to play and make you ready to learn. While you are sleeping, your body is growing. Sleeping can help keep you from getting sick, too. You'll feel happy when you are rested.

  • What did Marty do to relax and rest his body?
  • What could you do to relax and rest?
  • How did Marty feel after he rested?
  • How do you feel when you take time to rest and relax?
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