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Fruit Bites for Kids: Apple

kids eating apples Apple has been in the healthy-eating biz forever, it seems. She’s what every good student gives his teacher. And she’s a top-notch performer when it comes to meeting your nutritional needs.

Q: So, Ms. Apple, is that old expression about you really true, that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Apple: I don't mean to brag, but apple nutrition stats don't tell the whole story. I have a unique combination of nutrients that work together to do some pretty wonderful things for your body. I help keep your heart healthy. I also help with digestion and constipation (something that troubles a lot of kids, according to pediatricians). And I help keep your blood sugar steady. That's what food turns into, so your body can use it as an energy source.

Q: You are looking marvelous. Could you describe yourself for our readers please?

Apple: Today I'm wearing basic red, but I can be green or yellow as well, and I'm white on the inside. I'm mildly sweet when I'm a Golden or Red Delicious. I'm sweeter when I'm a Fuji or a Braeburn. And I'm tart when I'm a Granny Smith. I have to admit crowds go wild when I'm a Honeycrisp because I’m so crisp, juicy, and sweet.

As you see, I've got a lot of different looks. I'm very into fashion.

Q: You've been known to appear in apple sauce, apple juice, apple pie, apple cake ... all kinds of things.

Apple: Yes, all true. But I think I'm at my best on my own, eaten raw. You'll get my best qualities that way. Enjoying me in apple pie or a baked apple is OK every once in a while. But there also can be a lot of added sugar and unhealthy fats in those snacks. You're crowding me with extras that I don't really need to shine.

So I prefer being a solo act. Chomp right into me, cut me into slices, whatever. I'm so handy, you can just stick me in a baggie to carry with you to enjoy whenever you want.

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