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Veggie Bites: Meet the Carrot

girl eating carrot

How does Lady Carrot do it? Slender and slightly sweet yet packed with nutrition, she's a veggie superhero. She:

  • Fights diseases
  • Improves your eyesight
  • Helps you stay fit with beta carotene


Q: Lady Carrot, you are amazing! How do you manage to do so much for the body?

Carrot: Well, I must confess, I have a secret ingredient: beta-carotene. It keeps you fit in so many ways. It's good for your eyes, skin and it's also what gives me my orange glow. A lot of my veggie friends, like Sweet Potato and Kale, have tons of it, too. 

Q: You have such a classic look. How would you describe yourself?

Carrot: I'm usually pretty thin and orange, although I can be thick, too. Sometimes I wear yellow or red or purple, even white and black. I'm always long and bright in color. Unless I'm in baby-carrot mode, in a bag with a bunch of my friends.

Q: And how do you taste?

Carrot: Oh, I'm a sweetie. But not too sweet. I make a great snack.

Q: Where do you hang out?

Carrot: The supermarket, mainly in the produce section -- where all the fresh veggies are. But you can find me in the frozen section and in cans and jars, too.

Sometimes I'm even in the bakery as carrot cake, which has a lot of sugar and fat. And that's a downer for my nutritional value. So, that’s not the healthiest place to find me!

Q: Rumor has it you prefer to be cooked. Is that true?

Carrot: The truth is, I'm a multi-talented veggie. You can eat me raw with or without a creamy yogurt dip. Or you can grate me up and put me on a salad. Have me as a side dish at dinner, sliced and boiled or even baked. My possibilities are endless, but I think I'm at my best fresh and crunchy.

Q: It’s hard to believe, but I hear you were shy as a child.

Carrot: Yes, it's true. I grew up totally hidden in the ground with only my green tops showing. I am a root vegetable, after all. But I've come a long way since then.

Q: Do you ever worry that you're too popular?

Carrot: Never! I'm there for you every day of the year. You can never get too much of me, darling!

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Reviewed by Christine Mikstas, RD, LD on May 16, 2018