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Veggie Bites for Kids: Green Peas

Q: It's great to talk to you, guys. What's up with all that vitamin K?

Green Peas: If you want strong, healthy bones and blood, you gotta have K, man. No doubt about it. And all our protein gives your muscles a big boost!

Q: You kind of have a reputation for being, well, yucky. What do you think about that?

Green Peas: We get a bad rap, and we don't deserve it. We're sweet, we're cool, and you can eat us all kinds of ways. We just don't get it.

Q: Yeah, some people say "Eat your peas" as if that's a bad thing.

Green Peas: That's what we mean! Whoever's saying that must have had a bad experience with some cold pea soup or must have something against the color green. Try us frozen, fresh, or even out of a can. Add us to other veggies in a stir fry. Put us in soups. Get some fresh pods.

That's how we grow, side-by-side in a pod. Open a pod with your fingers and snack on us. Delish!

And then there are wasabi peas, our dried Japanese cousins who are covered in a spicy, hot crust. Not for the faint-hearted, but an occasional snack worth trying.

Q: Where can we find you at your best?

Green Peas: Look for bags and boxes of us chilling in the freezer section of the supermarket. Or in the produce section, where you can get us fresh from the pod, but we aren't there very often -- mostly in the spring. And of course you can always find us in cans.

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Reviewed by Christine Mikstas, RD, LD on May 16, 2018