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Chef Lizzie: Fizzy Fruits

Soda might taste good, but it's not very good for you. Soda has lots of sugar and empty calories. Juice has sugar in it, too. So too much juice can be unhealthy.

fizzy fruitInstead, try this Fizzy Fruits drink recipe from Chef Lizzie's FIT Kitchen. It's a cold and bubbly drink with just the right amount of juice.

Remember to always get your parent's permission and help when you use a knife or work in the kitchen. This recipe makes enough for one person.

Fizzy Fruits


1 ice cube

4 ounces sparkling water

4 ounces 100% all-natural fruit juice, no sugar added


  • Put 1 ice cube in a glass.
  • Pour the sparkling water into the glass.
  • Pour the juice into the glass.


You can drop in slices or chunks of fruit, if you like. It looks and tastes great and adds extra vitamins. Enjoy!

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Reviewed by Kathleen Zelman on November 28, 2018