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Chef Lizzie: Veggies and Hummus

veggies and hummusWhen you want a snack, don't reach for chips and dip. Try hummus and crunchy veggies for a healthy snack instead. Hummus is a super creamy and smooth dip, but it is much healthier than dip filled with mayo or cream. It's made mostly of chickpeas -- and it tastes great! Check out this Veggies and Hummus snack from Chef Lizzie's FIT Kitchen.

Remember to always get your parents' permission and help when you use a knife or work in the kitchen. This makes enough for 1 person.

Veggies and Hummus


Fresh veggies (Chef Lizzie likes yellow squash, cucumber, red pepper, baby carrots, jicama, and snap peas.)

About 2 tablespoons hummus


Chef Lizzie says: Remember to get your parent's permission or help when you use a knife.

  • Rinse veggies.
  • Carefully use a knife to cut up veggies into bite-sized pieces. Some veggies -- like snap peas and baby carrots -- don't need to be cut.


Put the hummus on a plate. Dip veggie pieces into hummus. Enjoy. Happy snacking!

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Reviewed by Kathleen Zelman on January 30, 2019