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6 Secrets to Ordering Food

girl ordering food at a tableYou can always eat healthy, even when you're not eating at home. Whether you're ordering fast food or going to a sit-down restaurant, here are six ways to eat smart.

1. Look for 'Light' Choices

When you look at the menu, sometimes you'll see words like "light" or a little symbol that means that food may be better than other choices. These are usually smart choices. Why? These foods may also have less unhealthy fat and sugar than regular things on the menu. Too much unhealthy fat and sugar can make you gain unhealthy weight and are bad for your heart.

2. Order Small

Restaurant servings can be so big that they're really enough for two or more kids. That’s too much! For example, today's hamburgers are about three times bigger than when your grandparents were kids. Woah! So when you’re at a fast food restaurant and you have a choice about what size you want, ask for small or consider sharing an entree with other people in your group.

If you supersize your burger, fries, or drink at a fast food restaurant, you're getting so much food that it’s unhealthy. Remember to order a small or kids’ sandwich, side, and drink.

At a sit-down restaurant, order something healthy -- like a grilled chicken sandwich -- off the kids' menu. Food on the kids' menu is usually a smaller, right-sized portion.

Or try ordering a healthy appetizer for your meal. That by itself can be your meal. If you order a regular adult-sized meal, split it with your mom, dad, or brother or sister. That way you’re both not getting too much food.

3. Order Veggies or Fruit

Forget fries or chips and order a healthier side instead. Fries and chips aren’t healthy because they're fried, so they have unhealthy fats that are bad for your heart.

Try a side salad, veggies, or fruit. They're a lot better for you. Or you could ask if you can get a side of broccoli, beans, or even low-fat yogurt.

If there aren't healthier options, just order a small fries or chips. And remember, you don't have to eat them all!

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