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Fruit Bites for Kids: Peach

kid eating peachThere's no denying that Peach rocks. Known as a sweet Southern gentleman, he's available everywhere in various forms. Peach fans say it's best to catch him in the summer, fresh from the tree.

His taste is like no other fruit in the bowl, but his nutritional value is often overlooked because he's such a cool guy. He's packed with:

  • Vitamin A -- makes your eyes strong
  • Vitamin C -- helps your immune system fight to keep you healthy
  • Fiber -- important for good digestion
  • Beta carotene -- makes your eyes and your immune system strong
  • Many essential minerals

Q: You are amazing, Peach. How do you do it?

Peach: By keeping it real, my friend. I always do my absolute best to be extra sweet and juicy.

Q: Sweet and juicy, you are. And your skin is so unique.

Peach: Yeah, creamy white to deep orange-yellow. Sometimes I have a red blush. The blush doesn't mean anything about my ripeness, by the way. It's just a different look I like to rock. But I'm always sporting a soft fuzz. My little brother nectarine looks a lot like me, but without the fuzz.

Actually, my skin is one of my best features. It's best not to peel me, if you want to get the most out of me, nutritionally speaking. My skin's got the good stuff -- vitamins, fiber, and all that.

Q: So where've you been hanging out lately?

Peach: Well, it depends on what time of year we're talking about. Summertime, I'm in the produce section and at farm stands. The rest of the year, I'm either frozen or in cans.

Sometimes, I'm packed with a syrup, which can make me taste even sweeter. But it's a lot of added, unnatural sugar. So that's not the best way to eat me. If you buy me canned, make sure I'm packed with my own juice or with no sugar added.

Q: I hear you're a very busy guy, into a lot of different things.

Peach: Oh, yeah. I'm in fruit salads, peach pies, peach cobblers, all kinds of stuff. You can eat me in a smoothie with reduced-fat yogurt, with cottage cheese, grilled, or on a whole wheat waffle. But I'm best as a solo act -- you know, raw and real.

Q: Can you tell us something about your background?

Peach: People often connect me with Georgia, but I'm originally from China -- bet you didn't know that. When travelers headed west on the silk roads, they took along my peach ancestors for food, and the pits that they dropped along the way grew into trees.

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Reviewed by Kathleen Zelman on February 16, 2018