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Try This: Vegetable Game for Kids

boy holding carrots and radishesDo you really dislike eating veggies? Maybe it's not the vegetables. Maybe it's the way they're served that you can't stand. Maybe they are cooked too much, or not enough. If you change the way a vegetable is served, you might actually like it. It's time to experiment and give them another chance.

You probably know it's important to eat more vegetables. They keep your heart strong, your body fit, and your eyes sharp. They also keep your skin looking good. And they help protect you from all sorts of diseases. They do tons of great things for your body.

So here are a few experiments to help you give eating vegetables another chance. Pick a veggie you don't like and try something different this week.

Switch up cooked vs. raw.

Take carrots as an example. If they are always cooked at your house, try them raw. If you've only ever eaten raw carrots, ask to try them cooked.

This test works with other veggies too, like broccoli and cauliflower and peas. Ask your parents for help in the kitchen. They'll probably be happy to give you a hand if it means you'll be eating more veggies!

Eat veggies with something different.

If you always have cooked string beans in a pile next to a piece of meat and a mound of potatoes, try putting lightly steamed string beans in a salad. Or instead of having zucchini cut up as a side dish, try it shredded in your spaghetti. Ask the cook at your house to mix up your meals. Or offer to help Mom or Dad with dinner.

Eat vegetables with a sauce.

You eat French fries with ketchup, right? So try dipping other veggies in healthy sauces. Dip your vegetables in hummus, ranch, or olive oil. Or try a squeeze of lemon juice on them. Maybe a light sprinkle of some melted cheddar cheese? See if you can find some in the fridge and try it out.

Substitute new veggies.

If you're used to eating regular French fries, try sweet potato fries instead. They can give you that same crunch but with more nutrients. Here's how:

  1. Ask for help to cut up a sweet potato.
  2. Drizzle the pieces lightly with olive oil or canola oil. Just make sure to use only as small bit of oil (like 2 teaspoons). You don't want so much oil that the sweet potatoes are swimming in it and become soggy.
  3. Then ask a parent for help baking the fries.

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