Food Fight: Orange Versus Orange Juice Battle

  • orange juice battle slideshow

    Who's healthier? OJ or Orange?

    In today’s match, Orange takes on Orange Juice, known to his friends as OJ. They're battling to see who rules at breakfast and snack time.

    They both count as a fruit. But who has what it takes to be crowned the healthiest choice?

  • orange juice battle slideshow

    Orange Juice is a Crowd Favorite

    In this corner is OJ. Weighing in at 8 ounces, OJ hails from sunny Florida.

    But he comes from a rough and tumble background. He is made from oranges who were squeezed in a factory.

    Now he has left all that behind and is the most popular juice around!

  • orange juice battle slideshow

    Orange is Tough, But Sweet

    And in this corner is … Orange! Sometimes called the “Real Deal, Orange Peel,” he is about the size of a baseball and comes from the fruit farms of California.

    He's tough on the outside, but sweet and juicy on the inside.

  • orange juice battle slideshow

    Orange Juice Comes Out Swinging

    Ding, ding, ding! The bell rings and let the battle begin.

    OJ comes out swinging, with the energy of the crowd behind him. Lots of people think he’s super healthy.

    But don’t call it over just yet. Orange is taking a little more time to warm up. What’s he got under that peel?

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    Orange is Packed With Vitamins

    Boom! Boy, does Orange pack a vitamin punch! He has tons of healthy vitamins -- like vitamins A and C.

    Vitamin C helps your body heal if you get a cut and helps your body fight colds. Eat one orange and you’ll get all the vitamin C that you need in one day!

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    Orange Juice is Filled With Sugar

    Wow! What a matchup! OJ has vitamins just like Orange.

    But wait a second, OJ also has a weakness. Orange Juice has lots of sugar. That’s not good. He has almost twice the sugar as Orange. Too much sugar can zap energy and add on extra weight. It’s not looking good for OJ.

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    Orange Fights Back With Fiber

    Uh oh, all that sugar is slowing OJ down. That gives Orange an edge in the contest to see who will rule breakfast and snacktime.

    Plus, Orange has a secret weapon. It's fiber! Fiber helps you digest your food and makes you feel full longer. Fiber is also good for your heart.

    Orange Juice doesn’t have much fiber to keep him fueled for the day.

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    Orange Beats Orange Juice!

    This battle is an easy one to call. Orange has vitamins, a lot less sugar than juice, and fiber for a knockout punch. Orange wins! Orange wins!

    Eating a whole orange is healthier than drinking orange juice.

  • orange juice battle slideshow

    Choose an Orange

    Next time you’re craving juice or something sweet and tangy, try eating a whole orange instead. He is your guy.

    Grab an orange and a glass of water and you’ve got yourself a winner!