The Life of a Soda

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    How Is Soda Made?

    Do you drink soft drinks? Maybe where you live people call them "soda." Or you say "pop" or "cola."

    They may taste good, but sodas are not good for you. Why? Let’s see how they are made.

    A soda starts out as water. Sounds healthy, right? After all, water is a healthy drink.

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    A Lot of Sugar Goes In

    Here’s where healthy water begins to turn into an unhealthy soda. Sugar is added to the water -- lots of it. One can of soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar. That's more sugar than in two scoops of chocolate ice cream!

    All that sugar isn’t healthy. Eating too much of it can make you gain unhealthy weight.

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    Flavor and Fizz Are Mixed In

    Next, vanilla or cinnamon can be added as flavors -- or lime, lemon, or orange. Sometimes color is added.

    Then the water is mixed with a gas called carbon dioxide. It makes the drink bubbly and fizzy.

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    Caffeine Comes Next, but It’s Not Good

    Soda also can have caffeine in it. But caffeine is not good for you. 

    It can give you a headache and make you cranky. It can make it hard to pay attention and hard to fall asleep at night.

    It’s best not to drink sodas or energy drinks that have caffeine.

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    Soda Goes in the Can and to the Store

    The soda is squirted into cans or bottles. Tops go on right away to keep the soda fizzy.

    Labels are added to bottles. They tell you all the stuff used to make your soda.

    The cans and bottles go on trucks and get shipped to stores.

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    Thirsty? Skip Soda

    Now you know how soda is made. Healthy water turns into an unhealthy drink because sugar and caffeine are added.

    Be good to your body and brain. Don't drink soda every day.

    Did you know there are delicious, healthy drinks you can choose when you’re thirsty?

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    Try Water or Low-Fat Milk

    Water helps your whole body work well, especially if you are playing sports. You don’t need sports drinks unless you’re playing hard for more than an hour.

    Skim milk is another great drink choice. It has calcium, which builds strong bones and teeth.

    Want more drink choices?

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    Make Your Own Drink

    Put slices of fresh fruit in your glass, like lemons, oranges, apples, or frozen berries. The fruit will add flavor to your drink. Then pour water on top of the fruit until you fill your glass.

    Like fizz? Use sparkling water or seltzer water instead of plain water. Enjoy!

    See Chef Lizzie make a Fizzy Fruit drink.