The Life of … a Tuna

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    What’s Tuna Made Out Of? Chicken?

    Tuna is fish -- not chicken -- that lives in the sea. Does tuna seem weird, smelly, mushy? We have some cool ways that you can make it taste great.

    Tuna is great for your muscles. And it will give you energy.

    Let’s get the scoop on where tuna comes from and how you can make your own tuna creations. 

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    Tuna Fish Comes From the Pacific Ocean

    The star of your sandwich -- a tuna fish -- starts out in the giant Pacific Ocean.

    A tuna eats small fish. It swims far and deep. And it swims fast. Its body is shaped like a torpedo so it can swim up to 50 miles per hour. That's as fast as a car!

    Exercising every day like the tuna can help you stay fit, too.

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    Tuna is Good for Your Muscles

    Fish is a protein just like meat. Protein is good for your muscles.

    Pick lean proteins. Lean means that they don’t have a lot of fat. Tuna, other fish, and skinless grilled chicken are some healthy lean meat choices. Stay away from fried or fatty meats like wings or cheeseburgers. They are bad for your heart.

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    From the Ocean to the Can

    Fishermen sail far out into the ocean to catch tuna. They catch it with poles or in nets. Then they quickly put it in a big a freezer on the ship to keep it fresh for you.

    The ship takes the tuna to the shore.  

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    Lots of Ways to Eat Tuna

    On shore, fishermen sell their tuna. Fishmongers buy some tuna to make into tuna steaks. These are good to cook on a grill.

    Sushi chefs slice tuna very thin. They put it on rice and dried seaweed and roll it up. Next, they cut it into pieces to make sushi. 

    Or, a tuna factory buys the tuna and puts it into cans or pouches, so you can make tuna dishes at home.

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    How Tuna Gets Into Cans and Pouches

    Once the fish gets to the factory, they take out the bones. Nice! You don’t want to eat those. They are sharp! Then the tuna gets cooked and put in cans or pouches

    Next, it is put on trucks that drop it off at the store, where you can buy it to put on top of a big salad made of lettuce. Or you can make a sandwich with it.

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    Pick Tuna in Water, Not Oil

    In the store, look for cans or pouches of tuna. Find the one that says "light" -- this has less pollutants in it. Next, look and see: is it packaged "in oil" or "in water"?

    You want to pick the kind that is in water. The kind packed in oil has added fats that can be bad for your heart. Tuna packed in water is a healthier choice. 

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    Make the Perfect Sandwich

    • Grab a bowl.
    • Open your tuna and put it in the bowl.
    • Mix your tuna with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise or mustard. Be careful not to add too much mayo. If you eat too much, the fats in mayo can be unhealthy for your heart.

    Now you have tuna salad.

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    Add Veggies to Tuna Salad for Crunch

    You don’t have to eat plain tuna salad. Try adding chopped celery or chopped bell pepper to the bowl. (Ask an adult for help when you need to chop up vegetables.) You could even get fancy and use shredded carrots.

    These veggies are crunchy. And they add vitamins that are good for your eyes, skin, and teeth, too.

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    Want Something Sweet? Add Fruit to Your Tuna

    Try mixing in grape halves or chopped apples. They taste sweet and are good for you.

    Apples have fiber and fill you up so you won't want to eat junk food later.

    Grapes are good for your teeth and can help you get better when you're hurt or sick. Eat a fruit or veggie at every meal.

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    Grab Some Whole Wheat Bread

    Whole wheat bread beats white bread. Whole wheat bread is a whole grain. That means it has lots of good vitamins and fiber to keep you full. When they make white bread, they take a lot of that good stuff out.

    Grab two pieces of whole wheat bread. Then, spread 2 spoons of tuna salad on a piece. 

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    Add Lettuce and Tomato

    Next, add some finishing touches to your tuna sandwich. Do you like lettuce? How about spinach leaves? If you do, put some on your bread. How about tomatoes? Do you like them? Add some slices, too!

    Are you adventurous? Try adding onion to make it zippy. Or add sliced green apples. Green apples add a little bit of sweet and sour.

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    Skip the Chips. Try Better, Crunchy Sides

    Do you want chips with your sandwich? Wait! Skip the chips. They can have unhealthy fats that are bad for your heart. 

    Instead, try these crunchy sides with your tuna sandwich. Baby carrots are great for your eyes.  Apples can help keep your heart strong.

    Then, wash it all down with water or skim milk for a delicious meal. Yum!