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3 Rumors About Stress

Rumor #3) Only bad things cause stress.

Nope! All kinds of things can cause stress. You can be stressed when you're playing a big game or meeting new friends. Your brain gets your heart pumping, and your muscles tighten whenever you are a little worried or anxious. The next thing you know, you feel tense and stressed.

Since stress is a part of life, that's why it's important to know that stress can lead to unhealthy choices. When some people feel stressed, they want to eat junk food or just sit still. Those aren’t healthy choices.

The next time you’re stressed:

  • Don’t eat foods high in sugar -- like ice cream and cookies.
  • Don’t sit too long in front of the TV or computer.

If you feel stressed, talk to an adult to help you sort through healthy choices you can make to deal with what is stressing you.

Stress happens to everyone, and you can take control when stress happens. Make a healthy choice to deal with your stress.

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Reviewed by Daniel Brennan, MD on February 18, 2017
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