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You Can Do It

student holding up good gradeYou know there are things that are really easy for you to do to make yourself feel good about yourself. Maybe it's soccer or ballet, math or piano. Maybe it's healthy choices like eating carrots instead of chips, or getting to bed on time. And when you choose to do them, you may hear a voice in your head saying, "You've got this!" or “I rock!”

Then there are other things that are a whole lot harder. Even when you try, you might feel like you just can't do them.

That's when you may hear a negative voice in your head telling you “no, no, no.”

  • I can't play basketball. I might not be good at it.
  • I can't try asparagus. I might not like it.
  • I can't get to bed on time. I might miss something on TV.

Nobody's good at everything. And making changes -- like choosing to make healthy choices -- can be hard sometimes. But that doesn't mean you should give up when something's difficult. Learn to be your own cheerleader. Tell that downer voice in your head to be quiet.

The next time you're faced with something hard, don't say "I can't." Here are three things you can say instead to cheer yourself on so you don't give up. Think optimistically!

1) "I know I can."

You can't do anything unless you truly believe in yourself and know you can or at least are willing to give it your all. Remember that story you heard when you were little about the little engine that could? A small, little engine was able to pull a big, heavy train over a high mountain. He kept telling himself: "I think I can. I think I can." He believed in himself and was able to do something no one else thought he could.

It's the same with anything you do. Believing in yourself is key. If you think you can’t learn how to dance or do yoga, then that's your biggest hurdle. Sometimes in order to start believing in yourself you have to tell yourself, "I know I can."

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