Slideshow: Feeling Good About Yourself

  • feeling good about yourself slideshow

    What is Self-Esteem, and Why Do You Need it?

    Self-esteem is feeling good about who you are. Make a list of things you are good at, like painting, running, or taking care of your dog. Can’t think of anything? Ask your parent or a teacher to help. You can even add things you would like to be better at, and then figure out ways to make it happen! When you feel great about yourself, the sky’s the limit.

  • feeling good about yourself slideshow

    How to Handle Teasing

    You might get teased if your mom kisses you at the bus stop or if you trip in the hallway. Most everybody gets teased, and it could be about anything. The trick is to learn to keep your cool. When you get upset, you give the person teasing you power. Lots of kids make fun of others.

    Next time you’re teased, laugh it off, say “so?” or just walk away.

  • feeling good about yourself slideshow

    Braces Can Rock

    Don’t worry about getting braces. Lots of kids have them. And soon you’ll have awesome, straight teeth. But if you’re worried about kids seeing your braces for the first time, ask your teacher if you can do a show-and-tell on the day you get them.

    It might seem like you have to wear braces forever, but it’ll be worth it. In the meantime, see if you can choose rubber band colors to match your style.

  • feeling good about yourself slideshow

    Healthy Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

    It's more important to be healthy than to look a certain way -- thin, tall, short, or muscular. Models or actors usually look a lot different in real life than they do in pictures. As you grow, your body changes. If you're worried about your looks or weight, talk to your parents, a friend, or someone you trust. They'll help you see you're great just like you are, and you can plan ways to be healthy together.

  • feeling good about yourself slideshow

    Learning at All Speeds

    There's a good chance that you or other kids in your class don't all learn things the same way. Some kids might have trouble paying attention, listening, or reading. Some may even learn so fast they're bored by what the teacher teaches. We all learn at different speeds and have different strengths, so it's easy to understand why some classwork may take longer for you or your friends to finish.

  • feeling good about yourself slideshow

    Getting Used to Glasses

    If you're having trouble reading or seeing in class, you may need glasses. Lots of kids wear them, and it’s great not to have to sit in the front row or squint to see. Don’t be embarrassed about your glasses. You’ll be able to pick out cool frames you like, and you’ll get used to your new look soon. Chances are your friends will want to try them on.

  • feeling good about yourself slideshow

    Sports Should Be Fun, Not Make You Stress

    Team sports like basketball or baseball can be a great way to make friends and be fit. Winning shouldn't always be the goal, though. It’s more important to get better, practice, and have fun. If you mess up and teammates or coaches get angry and it bothers you, let your parent know. Together you can come up with a plan. Not into team sports? Try golf, karate, or tennis.

  • feeling good about yourself slideshow

    What to Do About Bullies

    Lots of kids are bullied. That’s when a person is being mean on purpose. If someone is picking on you, the best thing to do is to tell an adult. It lets other kids know it’s not cool to do or say mean things. You can also practice what to say to the bully at home, so you’ll be calm and prepared if he bothers you again.

  • feeling good about yourself slideshow

    Cool Clothes and Stuff

    Did you know that some companies want you to think you’ll be more popular if you buy their clothes, shoes, or electronics? But a lot of times, the only difference between two brands is the price. It’s not about what you wear but how you wear it -- with confidence is best. And when you see an ad with your favorite star showing off something, ask yourself: “Do I really like it, or do I want it just because a famous person has it?"