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Create Your Own Fitness Challenge


Ready to move today? See if you’re up for this challenge.

You can choose your moves to make your very own routine. The goal is to move your body all day long -- but don’t worry, it’s just for a few minutes at a time.

If you choose to move instead of just sitting around, you may notice that you have more energy, your brain is focused (not foggy), and you can keep those blah feelings away. That’s what moving your body does for you!

Here’s how you play: Move through your day on the path below. In each square, you go 3 for 3 -- pick three moves of the same color and do each of them three times. You can do them in any order you want.

Ready? Get going!




Did you finish? Great job! What will you do tomorrow? Challenge yourself with a different mix of moves each day.

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Reviewed by Daniel Brennan, MD on June 21, 2017