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Get Off Your Butt

girl washing carDid you play kickball, chase your friends, or shoot hoops at recess today? If so, you're definitely on your way to getting 60 minutes of physical activity. Awesome!

One hour -- 60 minutes -- is how long kids your age should get moving each day to make sure you grow up healthy and strong. That might seem like a lot. But think about how many hours you're awake each day. (It's at least 12.) You can totally move for just one of those 12 hours.

It can seem even easier when you realize you don't have to be moving for 60 minutes straight. Add your 20 minutes of recess to the 15 minutes it takes to clean your room, plus the time you spend riding bikes with friends after school or playing an active video game and -- bam! -- you've already reached your goal!

Stumped for Ways to Get Moving?

Here are just a few ideas:

Play. That's right: Playtime counts! Get moving with games of Nerf gun battles, ping-pong, or soccer. You can also jump rope or shoot some hoops. Grab a grown-up, and walk or ride your bike to a neighborhood park and have fun on the playground. Toss a Frisbee or fly a kite. Don’t forget walking the dog or playing tug of war or fetch with the dog.

Shake it. Slip on your earbuds, play some tunes, and dance.

Bring outside games inside. When the weather's bad, use wadded-up socks, crumpled newspapers, or Nerf balls to shoot hoops, score soccer goals, or play hockey inside.

Plug in. Play video games where you get moving like Wii Fit, Just Dance, Shaun White's Skateboarding, or try Xbox Kinect or PS3 Move games.

Make it a family affair. Ask your parents to take you bowling, go on a hike, or head to the nearest community center where you can swim, play tennis, or shoot hoops together.

Wiggle, jiggle, and fidget. Don't just stand there waiting for the bus to show up -- get moving! Moving burns calories, so rock, sway, pace, and twist from side to side whenever you can.

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