Winter Activities: It's Not Too Cold Outside to Play

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    Play Snowball Tag

    Don't just have a snowball fight. Play tag with snowballs! Throw snowballs to tag players out. When you get hit with a snowball, then it is your turn to be "it." 

    Whatever the season, move and play for at least 60 minutes a day. Playing outside will make you feel great!

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    Put on Some Snowshoes

    On your mark, get set, go! Call your friends. Then run a race in snowshoes. They keep you from sinking into the snow. Wearing snowshoes is great exercise for your legs.

    Want a laugh? Try playing baseball while you wear snowshoes. See how funny everyone looks when they run the bases.

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    Go on a Winter Scavenger Hunt

    Are you good at finding things? First, get your friends. Then write down a list of things that you might see outside -- like a pinecone, a squirrel, 10 acorns, a bird. 

    Then race to see who can find all the things on the list first. Or split up into teams and work together. Running or walking fast is great for you.

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    Play Summer Games

    You don't have to stay inside and watch TV when it is cold. Games that are fun to play when it is warm outside are fun when it is cold, too. Turn off the TV and go outside. Play Hide and Go Seek or Ghost in the Graveyard.

    Be extra quiet and sneaky. When there are fewer leaves on the trees in the winter, things sound louder outside. It is easier to hear laughing or running. So, sshhh!

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    Be a Shoveling Machine

    Help your parents or neighbors shovel their driveway or sidewalks. You could even make money!

    Or make shoveling a game. Race some friends. See who can shovel paths across the yard first. Who can make the best zigzag or circle? Just be sure to use a smaller shovel than adults use. Adult shovels can carry too much snow and get too heavy.

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    Hit the Ice

    He shoots! He scores! Have you ever played hockey? You don't have to be a hockey pro to go ice skating. Start slow and practice. If you want to play ice hockey and don't have a stick or puck, it is OK. Borrow a broom and tennis ball. 

    Remember: always ask an adult if it is safe before you skate on a pond. Indoor skating rinks are another place you can skate.

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    Go Downhill Fast

    Wooooohoooo! You can go fast when you snowboard or ski. Both sports are really fun and can help make your body stronger. 

    If you live near a state park with a ski area, see if they have free lessons. You do not have to buy gear. You may be able to rent or borrow it. There is one piece of gear you should always wear: a helmet. It will protect your head if you wipe out.

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    Take a Cross-Country Trip

    When you cross country ski, you swoosh and glide across flat ground. Because it is flat you do not have to worry about falling downhill. Cross country skiing is a great for your heart and lungs. 

    Ask your parents to find parks that have cross-country skiing trails near you. Some parks have try-it-out days where you try the trails and borrow their gear for free.

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    Go for a Sled Ride

    Get ready to scream! Ever zip down a hill on a sled or inner tube? It's awesome to yell and scream as loud as you can as you speed down the hill.

    Here is how to stay safe: Go on hills that have no trees and stay away from roads, ponds, or rivers. Once you are at the top of the hill, hop on your sled and yell, "Look out below!"

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    Create a Masterpiece

    Want to make an extra special snowman? Find things to dress him up with -- old hats, scarves, buttons.

    Want to add color? Take a spray bottle and fill it with water to squirt on your snowman. Ask if you can put a little red, green, or blue food coloring in the water. When the water freezes it will make your snowman shiny.

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    Make a Fort or Castle

    1. Find an empty bucket or small bathroom trash can.
    2. Fill it with snow. Press the snow down in the bucket good.
    3. Then, turn the bucket over, upside down. Hit the bucket a few times and then pull it up.
    4. Ta-da! You should have a snow brick. Make more and start building.

    Ask to use fancy baking pans to make cool different shaped bricks.

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    Snow Soccer or Snow Touch Football

    When you fall during snow soccer or snow touch football, it is no big deal. The snow is there to catch you. 

    To set up your soccer or football field, grab four bright, colorful shirts. Put them on the ground to mark the goal lines. Then it is game time!

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    Make a Team of Snow Angels

    Making a snow angel is like doing a jumping jack while you lay down in the snow. Flap out your arms and kick your legs against the snow.

    How many snow angel jumping jacks can you do in a row? Then move to a new spot and make another angel. How many angels can you make?