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Try This: Make the Perfect Sleep Zone

girl sleeping in bedIs your room a cool place to hang out? Having a fun room is fine during the day. At night, though, your room should be a sleep zone.

Get your parents or friends to help you redesign your room for easy sleep. You want it to be a place where you can chill out before bed. If you share a room, plan your new room with your brother or sister.

How close is your room to being the perfect sleep zone? The more of these suggestions you can try, the closer you are to sleeping perfection!

Do you have a perfect sleep zone?

There is no TV in my room.
Good for you! With the TV in another room, you are less likely stay up late watching your favorite shows or have nightmares from sleeping with the TV on.

I stop playing video games, texting, or emailing my friends about 30 minutes before bedtime.
We admire how you prioritize your sleep! Any screen activity -- video games, computers, or cell phones -- before bed can rev you up and make it hard to fall asleep.

I keep my room really dark.
Your body naturally senses light and wakes up. So the darker you can make your room, the better you are able to sleep. If sunshine wakes you up before your alarm, ask your parents to put some shades on your windows. Of course, if you prefer to have some light -- like a nightlight -- that's OK, too. Just make sure the light is not too bright.

My room is a comfy temperature for sleep.
Being too hot or cold can keep you from sleeping. Cold feet make it particularly hard to fall asleep. Got cold feet? Sleep with socks on. Too hot? Ask your mom about putting a fan in your room.

I save wild colors -- like neon pink or purple -- for my clothes and accessories, not my walls or curtains.
Maybe your favorite colors are bold and bright. But for good sleep, stick with wall and curtain colors that are calming: gray, white, or beige. The important thing is to find a soft tone in a color that you like.

I keep my room pretty tidy and change my sheets at least every couple of weeks.
No, your mom didn't sneak in this one! Believe it or not, clutter and dirt can interrupt your sleep. Go ahead and pile 100 stuffed animals on your bed during the day, but at night, give yourself some space to stretch out and snooze. And think about picking up dirty clothes and put away your other stuff before bed. That way, if you have to get up during the night you won't need to worry about tripping over stuff.

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