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Fruit Facts: Meet the Kiwano Melon

The coolest thing about this fruit is the shock value of its appearance. It looks more like a dog toy -- a spiky Kong -- than a fruit. It's colorful, too: yellowish-orange on the outside and green on the inside.

Some people call a kiwano melon "blowfish fruit" because it looks like the poisonous puffer fish. Sometimes it's sold under the name horned melon or African horned melon, but most now are imported from New Zealand or grown in California. Look for them in specialty grocery stores.

Want to have some fun with your food? Put a kiwano melon on the counter and tell your little sister it's an alien egg.

How Do You Eat It?

Despite its exotic looks, this funky little melon tastes like a mix of bananas, limes, and cucumbers. And, like a banana, it doesn't have to be refrigerated.

It's pretty impossible to peel the skin off a kiwano. But you don't eat the skin either. Instead, you cut the melon open, and scoop the insides out.

Like other melons you know, such as the cantaloupe or honeydew, kiwanos have lots of seeds -- their insides are pretty much all seeds. You can eat them, but you can also suck or scoop around them.

A 1-cup serving has about 4 grams of protein (the same as 1 tablespoon of peanut butter), 287 milligrams of potassium (a lttle more than half the amount in a banana), and vitamins A and C -- but it only has 103 calories.

Video Vittles

Would you believe there's a whole section of YouTube videos on how to prepare and eat a kiwano? Some are serious. Others are silly. Maybe you'll be inspired to make your own.

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