Energy Drinks' Evil Powers

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    Sleep Stealers: Energy Drinks Make You Tired

    Skip the energy drinks during study sessions. They rev you up with mega doses of caffeine, but it'll bite you in the end.

    Some have more than eight times the caffeine that's in a can of soda! That buzz can make it hard to sleep, leaving you tired tomorrow when you really need energy to ace that test. Hitting a wall while studying? Get up and stretch. Or maybe it's time to hit the hay. For the most energy, get at least 8 1/2 hours of sleep.

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    Heartbreakers: Too Much Caffeine

    Even if you choose to sip an energy drink for breakfast -- far away from bedtime -- it's still not good for you.

    All the caffeine in energy drinks can hurt your heart. Too much can make your heart race. Some people have had heart problems like heart attacks and may have died from overdosing on energy drinks.

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    Anxiety Boosters: They're an Upper

    Ever notice something's not quite right after you have an energy drink? Maybe you start talking fast or things start annoying you. Your heart goes into overdrive, your mind races. Caffeine is a stimulant, so it speeds up everything in your body and can put you on edge.

    Plus, when you're stressed and hopped up on caffeine, it's hard to step away from junk food and go for healthier fuel that will give you real energy.

  • sweaty teen girl

    Make You Sweat: (Awkward!)

    Ever get really nervous and start to sweat? The same thing happens when too much caffeine revs your body up.

    To lose that sweaty, nervous feeling you get from energy drinks, start giving them up.When you quit, do it slowly over time. Cut back over a few days or weeks. You'll be more able to give them up than if you try to stop suddenly.

  • energy drink and sugar

    Their Empty Calories Add Up

    Despite what ads say about special herbs and additives, energy drinks really have no healthy nutrients. Instead, they're loaded with sugar. Some have more than 12 teaspoons. That's more than the sugar in two servings of ice cream (1 cup). All that sweet stuff can make you put on unhealthy weight.

    So drink water instead. It's the best way to hydrate your body, which can keep you feeling energized.


  • teen with stomach ache

    They Churn Up Stomach Acid

    All the caffeine in energy drinks causes your stomach to make more acid, which can cause stomachaches.

    They may also have other ingredients that can cause tummy trouble. For example, the herb ginseng, which comes in many energy drinks, can be hard for your stomach to handle.

  • girl with a headache

    Energy Drinks Make Headaches

    The caffeine in energy drinks can set off a throbbing headache. That's the last thing you need when you're taking a test or doing homework.

    Instead, energize the natural way: Take breaks to get up and move a few minutes when you have a study session that lasts longer than an hour.

    Walking around will get your blood flowing and bring oxygen to your brain to help give you energy.

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