Healthy (and Tasty!) Foods That’ll Keep You Going

  • Laughing teen girl surrounded by orange halves

    Eat Smarter

    When you're hungry, cookies and chips might call your name from the pantry. But those high-fat foods are packed with calories in a small portion. They won’t give your body and brain enough fuel. When you feel the urge to snack, reach for an apple, orange, or other fruit. They'll fill you up and give you energy for longer.

  • Plate with tomato and equally five dense pretzels

    Fill Up on Foods With Water Inside

    When a food is made of a lot of water, its calories are spread out in a larger "package." A whole juicy tomato, for example, has the same calories as five dry pretzel sticks. You can eat 2 entire cups of juicy grapes or just a 1/4 cup of them dried out as raisins.

  • Teen holding a handful of corn flakes

    Start the Day With Whole Grains

    You probably know a healthy breakfast is important, but some mornings, who has time? Whole-grain cereal is a healthy solution that's easy to eat on the go. Look for a first ingredient starting with "whole grain," followed by “wheat,” “oats,” "rice,” or “corn.” No matter the meal, choose whole grains over refined plain white bread, grains, or pasta.   

  • Turkey and vege sandwich on whole wheat

    Pack a Healthy Sandwich

    If you pack your lunch for school, build your sandwich with healthy ingredients. Use whole-grain bread instead of regular white bread. Because the extra fiber takes longer to digest, it will give you energy for longer. Mayo is OK, just make sure you use a small amount: 1 tablespoon is about right. Add a few slices of lean meat, and then pile on the veggies -- like tomatoes -- for more filling flavor. Or get creative with bell peppers, sprouts, or cucumbers for added crunch.

  • Teen boy opting for salad at fast food place

    Fast-Food Choices

    It's tough to pass up fries when everyone else is ordering them, but consider healthier options -- at least sometimes. Dig into a salad with a little bit of dressing -- 2 tablespoons or less. But forget croutons, tortilla strips, or extra cheese -- all can be loaded with calories. To dump extra calories, split your burger with a friend or order a kid's meal.

  • Teen boy eating a slice of vegetarian pizza

    Build a Better Pizza

    The next time you and your friends order pizza, forget the pepperoni and the extra cheese. Instead, layer on veggies. These healthy toppings will fill you up with fewer calories and give your body the nutrients to keep going. Plus, they make pizza tasty. If you really miss the meat, add chicken to your pie instead. At home, make your own mini pizzas using whole-grain English muffins as your crust.

  • Assorted vegetables served with hummus

    Good-for-You Party Snacks

    If your friends are coming over to hang out, get them on the healthy bandwagon, too. For snacks, put out bowls of different raw veggies and fruits along with some yogurt, hummus, or guacamole dip. To satisfy salt cravings, choose whole-grain crackers, pretzels, or rice cakes. For bigger appetites, make mini-sandwiches with whole-grain bread, lean meat like turkey or chicken, and veggies.

  • Teen girls eating fresh berries for dessert

    Healthier Dessert

    Good news! You don’t have to ignore your sweet tooth. Just downsize your portion. Love two scoops of ice cream for dessert? Try one scoop topped with tasty berries for a healthier option. Other lower-calorie treats: pudding, Jell-O, and "fruit sundaes" -- lots of frozen fruit with 1 or 2 tablespoons of hot fudge or caramel sauce. Higher-calorie foods like sauce or whipped topping are OK in small amounts.

  • Teen girl talking with mom about healthy food

    Get Your Parents on Board

    It's easy to make healthy choices when you have the right foods in the house. To make sure your kitchen isn't always stocked with junk food, offer to shop with your parents. They may be buying what they think you'll eat, rather than the most nutritious options. Instead, suggest that you all fill the shopping cart with fruits and veggies, whole grains, and ingredients for healthy soups and salads.

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