Slideshow: 6 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Into a Good Day

  • teen shouting

    No. 1: Cry or Yell

    When you've just been dumped or your crush doesn't know you exist, don't keep it inside. Heartbreak hurts -- and not just for teens. You may want to scream. Or cry. Go for it! Ignoring emotions of any kind can cause stress or make you drown your sorrows in junk food.

    Next: Don't cry or yell forever. When you've got it out of your system, do something fun with a friend or get active. It'll make you feel good again.

  • teen girls talking

    No. 2: Talk to a Friend

    When your parents won't change your curfew or let you go to a party, sometimes only a friend understands. You can whine about your dad, dish on all your deep dark secrets, or just hang out and do something fun. Having a good friend or two is important -- even when you don't need to vent.

    Keep it up: Talk or do things with a friend every week, if you can. Talking it out is a healthy way to deal with feelings.


  • teen skateboarding

    No. 3: Get Moving

    A bad grade or a pile of homework can ruin your day -- if you let it. Snap out of it with a run or a bike ride. You're likely to get lost in what you're doing and forget a bad mood. Your body also pumps out feel-good chemicals during exercise, so you feel more relaxed when you're done.

    10-Minute Tip: Even 10-minute bursts can add up to the 60 minutes of exercise you need every day. Try a break between math and science homework to shoot hoops.

  • teen girl dancing

    No. 4: Listen to Music

    When a friend ticks you off, sometimes you don't want to talk about it. And screen time, like Facebook or texting, only adds to the drama. So, put on your favorite music and relax. It's a proven, scientific fact that music helps people get out of bad moods. Even better … dance! Earbuds and headphones are handy, but to avoid damaging your hearing use the 60/60 rule: 

    • Don't push the volume up past 60% of the maximum. 
    • Don't listen for more than 60 minutes per day.
  • teen getting pedicure

    No. 5: Go for Fun

    It's easy to get down if your face breaks out or you don't like how much you weigh this week. Reset your mood by doing something that makes you feel good. You'll find it easier to make healthy choices for your mind and body.  Some ideas:

    • Paint your toenails.
    • Read a fascinating book.
    • Play fetch with your dog.

    Make it a habit: Don't wait for a bad day for feel-good fun. Make time on most days for things that help you relax so you can manage your mood.


  • teen girl dancing with headphones

    No. 6: Get Creative

    When your coach benches you or you didn't play well, yeah it hurts -- but don't waste too much time moping or whining. Dive into something creative -- it'll help you keep things in perspective. Play guitar. Build something. Write stuff down or grab a sketchbook and draw.

    Keeping things in perspective helps you manage your mood -- so your moods don't manage you.

  • teen hitting baseball

    Why You're Moody

    It's normal to have both good and bad days. You're dealing with friends, cliques, and lots of change. You have pressure for grades, sports, or chores. Your parents drive you nuts sometimes. On top of that, changing hormones can mess with how you feel.  

    Take a moment: Close your eyes, breathe deeply, think of something you love doing, and relax briefly.  Don't let a bad mood ruin your day.

  • teen girl listening

    Get the Help You Deserve

    All the stuff you're dealing with -- mean friends, broken hearts, parent problems -- is very real and can really bring you down. Sometimes you might need help with your feelings. If you can't shake a bad mood for a few days or if you don't like your favorite things anymore, talk to a parent, coach, teacher, or counselor. They can help or find someone who'll be able to help you figure things out.

    If you are feeling really down, you sleep and eat too much or too little, or you have thoughts about hurting yourself, let a trusted adult know how you're feeling. It's important to get help right away.

  • teen girl meditating

    Take Deep Breaths

    Here's an easy way to calm down in a few minutes when you feel like you're going to explode.

    • Sit up straight. Relax your shoulders.
    • Slowly breathe in through your nose. Inflate your belly like a balloon.
    • Slowly exhale through your nose. Imagine you're deflating the balloon.
    • Do this a few times until you feel relaxed.

    Try deep breathing when you wake up and before bed for a relaxing start and finish to your day.

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