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What’s Your Excuse? 'I Get Bored When I Work Out'

bored teenSure, going to the gym isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. Even if you exercise often, the same old routine can give you a case of the workout blahs.

But the answer isn’t to give up on moving. There are tons of fun ways to be active! A lot of them may not even fit what you think of as “exercise” -- you know, pounding out 30 minutes on the treadmill day after day.

Plus, exercise is too important to skip. Moving your body for at least an hour every day is your ticket to a healthy body and a better mood. It can even help you choose to do other good things, like getting enough sleep and drinking more water.

Whether you’re bored with your current routine or can’t bring yourself to get going, don’t just give up! Try out different fun ways to move.

Make it fun!

OK, you hate jogging. But have you ever gone on a beautiful hike? If situps are a slog, how about having some fun with a hula hoop? Don’t feel bound to old-fashioned workout ideas. Anything that gets you moving is good for you. Throw a Frisbee with your friends or to your dog. See how long you can jump rope without getting tripped up. Try out some yoga poses or dance moves.

Pump up the jams.

Science says it’s a fact: Listening to music can help a workout feel easier. If this seems like a no-brainer, well, it kind of is. Tunes distract your mind, which keeps you from feeling as tired while you move. Before you know it: Boom, workout’s done. Put together a playlist with rhythms your body can’t resist. Some apps can even find music that matches your heartbeat.

Pick a partner.

Need motivation? Pencil in a standing workout date with a friend or family member. It’s not just the company that will help you ditch boredom. Exercising alongside someone can turn on your competitive spirit. Not only will you improve your mood, you may even get faster and stronger as you push yourself to keep pace.

You can also partner with a fitness app! There are many available to track your steps, heart rate, calories, etc.- some a standard feature on your smartphone. They can keep you motivated and on track.

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