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I Hate P.E. Class!

Find out how to make phys ed class a lot more fun.
By Stephanie Booth
WebMD Feature
Reviewed by Amita Shroff, MD

kids playing basketball

Not everyone likes sports. If you’re reading this, you might be one of them. You can choose not to try out for the soccer team or the cheerleading squad, but you’re still going to have to deal with P.E. at school.

There might be a lot of reasons you don’t like P.E. But you can’t skip class, so here are some things that might make it better. If you give them a try, who knows? You might decide you like gym class after all -- or at least hate it a little less.

“I’m not good at sports.”

If you know someone who can dunk a basket or hit a home run, it’s not because they have special athletic powers. It’s because they’ve spent a lot of time practicing.

“A lot of stuff in P.E. comes down to muscle memory,” says Brian Godfrey, a gym teacher in Richmond, VT.

Instead of giving up, try working on your skills outside of school. So if your class is playing soccer, find a friend or family member who can help you practice kicking a ball after school.

“I don’t know anyone.”

Do you stand by yourself and count the minutes until P.E. class is over? If you find a friend, that time can be a lot more fun.

Crack a joke to the kid who looks like he feels the same about gym as you do. Say something nice to your classmate who makes a soccer goal. Or maybe you can hang out with the friends you know from lunch, other classes, or recess. A pal or two in class will give you something else to do besides think that you really don’t want to be there.

“I can’t keep up.”

Maybe you can’t do as many laps as other kids or dodge the ball as fast. “We all have different strengths and weaknesses,” Godfrey says. “That’s to be expected. Our bodies are all different.”

Instead of trying to compete with your classmates, challenge yourself. What’s the best you’ve ever done? What can you do better this week? When you stop comparing yourself to everyone else, you might be surprised at how much you can do.

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