10 Ways to Get Hyped

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    To Make a Healthy Choice, Talk to Yourself

    You make choices all the time. You choose what to eat, whether to get up and move, when to go to bed, and what to do. Some choices are easier than others. You might tell yourself it's too hard to do the healthy thing. You might think you just can't do it. But you can! Here's what you can tell yourself to get motivated to make healthy choices. 

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    How to Get Hyped to Try Something New

    Doing something new can be scary. You don't know if you'll like volleyball, and what if you're not very good? Or what if you try yoga and can't do all the poses? But new things usually end up being exciting and fun.

    Look back and remember a time you were afraid to try something new, but you did and it was good. Didn't it work out OK after all? Tell yourself, "All I have to do is try."

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    Stay Motivated to Keep Working Out

    Remind yourself why you’re exercising. Maybe it's because you want to run faster or lose some unhealthy extra weight. Picture that goal in your head. Then tell yourself, "Just take that first step."

    The reality is that once you take that first step, you'll probably keep going. You should move 60 minutes throughout your day to keep your mind and body healthy. So don't give up!

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    How to Choose Healthy Foods

    Chips or carrots? Cookies or grapes? When you're tempted to grab the less healthy choice, tell yourself, "This really makes a difference."

    Choosing fruits and veggies over junk food really matters. Your body and brain work better when you eat healthy foods. Healthy foods have nutrients that help your bones and muscles. They give you energy. And they help protect you from disease.  

    Know you'll be hungry later? Throw an apple in your backpack or grab string cheese for an afterschool snack.

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    Need Motivation to Get to Bed on Time?

    You may think to do well you need to stay up late and do more homework. Or maybe you like to stay up to text your friends. But your body and brain need sleep -- at least 8 1/2 hours a night -- to work well.

    To get yourself to bed, tell yourself, "Sleeping makes me feel better, think better, learn better, and gives me energy to move." Plus, if you don't sleep enough, it can make you grumpy and less fun to hang out with.  

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    Get Motivated to Turn Off Your Phone

    We know. Turning off your phone is sort of like unplugging an oxygen tank. You're afraid you can't survive without it. But you can, and you'll find other cool stuff to do.

    Tell yourself, "I need this break." Then take a walk or ride your bike. Your body and mind will thank you. You you don't have to tune out your friends. Ask them to walk or bike with you. Then you still get to talk -- but in person.

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    How to Take a Study Break Seriously

    When you have algebra and chemistry and history all scrambled in your head, sometimes your brain needs a time-out. Take a "get up and move" break.

    To get motivated to take a break after an hour or two of work, don't worry that you can't afford the break. Tell yourself, "This will help clear my head."

    Then get up and head outside for 10 minutes. Shoot hoops or just take a quick walk around the neighborhood. Moving will help you get ready to learn again. And, the exercise will add to the 60 minutes you need a day.

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    Stay Motivated to Make Time for Breakfast

    You can't run a car without gas. And you can't run without fuel, either. To convince yourself breakfast is more important than hitting snooze, tell yourself, "I need this for my body and brain."

    Start with a healthy breakfast so you have energy for your day. If you're in a hurry, grab fruit and low-fat yogurt. When you don't eat breakfast, you can feel off your game and are more likely to fill up on unhealthy food all day.

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    How to Turn Off TV and Video Games

    If you're like most teens, you spend more than 2 hours a day in front of computers, watching TV, or playing video games. That’s more than is good for you.

    It can be easy to get sucked into just one more TV show or game or text. But tell yourself, "There are better things to do," and then go do them. 

    To relax, don’t turn to tech. Instead, listen to music, read, or do yoga. Even taking a walk or going for a run can be relaxing and re-energizing.

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    How to Keep Going

    There might be times when you're doing things, like sports or music practice or homework, and it's so hard you want to give up. It can even happen when you're trying to make healthy choices. Don't give up! Try these motivating phrases:

    • To make a health food choice: "This is better for my body."
    • To move and exercise: "I'll feel so good when I’m done."
    • To recharge: "Unplugging is good for my brain. I'll feel more relaxed."
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    Remember: Be Nice to Yourself

    We can be hard on ourselves when we don't think we're good at something. We might tell ourselves that we're too slow or not smart enough or that we just can't do something.

    Here's a tip: Talk to yourself like you'd talk to your best friend. You'd never tell your best friend that she's not talented or that he's not good enough. Treat yourself like a friend and you'll have the power to stay motivated and keep going!

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